New GMS World!

25 05 2011

Hey maplers!  Today, Nexon opened up a poll on –guess what?– deciding a name for a new world to be launched during the Chaos update this Summer! There’s a huge list to choose from.

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MapleStory – Merging Worlds?

9 04 2011

Hi maplers!  This is going to be a fairly short post, but informative nonetheless.  On the recent Dev Blog, Nexon spoke to us about differences between the overpopulated and underpopulated worlds of Maple Story.

This month, they plan to test a new system where players from two unpopulated worlds will be able to see each other in-game.  Boundaries will still be the same, the two worlds will remain two different worlds, but with more connections.  These connected include inter-world guild alliance, marriage, ETC.  Nexon also plans to give away a certain number of world transfers a month to people in overpopulated worlds. (I.E. Scania) and plan to restrict character creation to a certain number.

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MapleStory in 3D? PaperWorld Contest!

11 10 2010

Ever wondered what Maplestory would be like in 3D?  This is your chance to see it..kinda.  Nexon is now hosting a contest to test your creative abilities.  This event/contest is called PaperWorld (ironically).  The rules are simple: head over to “Paper Craft Museum” print out the paper models, fold them up, put them in a scene, take a picture, upload to Nexon, and hope they choose you.

There are going to be three winners out of everybody that enter.  The grand prize-winner will receive an 8GB iPod Touch and 30,000 maple points.  The two first prize-winners will receieve a $25 J!nx T-shirt Code and 30,000 maple points.


Wooh! Creativity Power 😀

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GMS Big Bang Name Poll

2 10 2010

Earlier in the year, Nexon made an update post about KMS’s “Big Bang Update.”  They created a contest where people would send in what they would think, GMS’s “Big Bang Update” should be called.

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