MapleSquare Polls!

11 04 2011

Here at MapleSquare, we post polls to match previous posts. You can find polls in our blog posts or you can look over to the right sidebar and click the large words that say, “Vote,” which will take you to the current poll.

Remember to check on it every so often and to read the important notices in the sidebar as well, as they provide a lot of information on what is going on with MapleSquare.


Thank you, MapleSquare Admin.

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Sweetheart 365 Day Sale

10 02 2011

Hello maplers!  Ever miss those permanent cash shop items that Nexon used to offer for double the original price?  Well you can almost experience that again with the very first Sweethearts sale!  From today (February 9th) until February 15th, you can purchase a 365 day cash shop equips for just a little bit less than double the original price.  This function is limited to six days and to twenty or so cash shop items:

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Maple Square Merchanting Guide

8 02 2011

Hello rich and poor maplers!  I spent the last few days writing up the very first Maple Square guide.  This guide is on simple and easy merchanting starting from nothing.  I included all the ways that I personally made money throughout my Maple Story years.  This guide will be updated occasionally to match the prices correctly.

To get to the guide, you could click the “Merchanting Guide” button above or by clicking here.  I hope you enjoy it and find it useful in merchanting.

Maple Square — Your daily maple read all in one box.

MapleSquare Banner Winner~!

5 02 2011

Remember that post we had on the new banner a while back?  Well, we’ve received a ton of submissions and a winner has been chosen!  Varul of Bellocan sent in the banner that we liked the most.  The banner was just based around a warrior ultimate he made through the Banned Story program from Maple Simulator.

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Design a Banner

17 01 2011

Hello! See that banner above right below the site title? This is your chance to design your own. If we like it, we’ll use it. All entries must be 780×95 pixels and should be uploaded to an image sharing website such as: TinyPic Here are examples of the banner.

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GMS Big Bang Name Poll

2 10 2010

Earlier in the year, Nexon made an update post about KMS’s “Big Bang Update.”  They created a contest where people would send in what they would think, GMS’s “Big Bang Update” should be called.

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The Ultimate Adventurer and Empress’ Strengthening

25 09 2010

Hey guys!  The ultimate adventurer?  The ultimate adventurer is a new subclass coming out in Korean Maplestory.  The prerequisites to make an ultimate adventurer is a level 120 cygnus knight character along with a captain knight medal.  The ultimate adventurer character will start off as a level 50.    Your character will get a few skills that distinguish it between a regular adventurer character.  Upon creation, you’ll get a unique medal along with a one of a kind set of items.

Now, off to the second section of this post, the Empress enhancements!  I find these way more exciting than the ultimate adventurer class.  These are available only to level 70 and above adventurer type characters.  I am not sure whether or not these are limited to regular adventurers only.

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