Summer of 2011

28 05 2011

The end of the year is approaching quickly, tailed by more exciting updates.  For GMS, the Chaos Patch is coming. Dualblades, Arans, and Evans are all getting buffed in their own way.  You can read about Chaos on Spadow’s Blog by clicking here.

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Return and Updates

21 05 2011

Hi maplers!  This last bit of the year has been quite busy, hence the reason why posts haven’t be going on for the past few months.  It’s still pretty busy, which is why this won’t be a ‘real’ post.

Many of you probably heard of the Jump! Update going on in KMS.  All three segments of the update are basically complete.  If you would like to read posts on what these updates include, please click below:

S1: Warrior Reconstruction (Counterattack of the Blade)

S2: Magician Reconstruction (Spell of Awakening)

S3: Archer Reconstruction (Arrow of Speed)

While KMS is receiving the Jump! Update, GMS’s Chaos Patch will be coming within June. (less than a month away!

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GMS Chaos Patch Name Poll

23 03 2011

Nexon has published a new post similar to that for the Big Bang Update.  Between March 18th and 20th, maplers will be allowed to submit the name they think that GMS’s Chaos Patch should be called.

Names have been submitted and the top five submissions are open for voting between the 21st and the 25th.  The choices are: “Insurrection”, “Mayhem”, “Betrayal”, “Corruption”, and of course, “Chaos.”

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New KMS Patch

18 03 2011

Ah!  We have just got over the Big Bang patch and are awaiting the Chaos Updates.  KMS players, however, are awaiting yet another large patch introduced by Nexon!  The name of this patch is unconfirmed, but will focus on the revamp and buffing of adventurer warrior characters.

Some of these revamps include the updating of skill animation.

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Mechanics Coming to GMS

15 01 2011

The first two patches of the Big Bang Update are done and the last segment is rolling in.  This last segment (on January 19th) will include a new class of the Resistance…the Mechanics.

As most of you know, most of the Mechanic’s moves/attacks are performed on a mount known as the Mech.  There are three available Mechs available as seen above.  These are simply obtained as skills that come along with the job advancement and are not obtained as mounts would.

Moving onto some skills that the Mechanic has.  Yes they do get an Ultimate.  If you don’t know what an Ultimate is, it is just a skill (usually 4th job) that covers a large area and can take up to 15 monsters at once.  After Big Bang, however, these Ultimates received a cooldown.  The Mechanic’s Ultimate is called (in KMS)  “War Machine: Titan”.  The Mechanic also gains a 2nd job skill similar to the priest’s Mystic door.  This skill allows the Mechanic to set up two spots in one map and use that spot to teleport between areas. If you want to find more about the Mechanic skills, a chart is up and running on BasilMarket. You can find this list by click here.

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Another “Big Bang” GMS Poll

9 10 2010

     Nexon just posted another poll along with a post.  The post talking about how we voted to call the big update, “Big Bang.”  They said that since we voted for it, we got it.  Now that we are through with the name, they want us to vote for some important content coming in along with the patch.

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