Summer of 2011

28 05 2011

The end of the year is approaching quickly, tailed by more exciting updates.  For GMS, the Chaos Patch is coming. Dualblades, Arans, and Evans are all getting buffed in their own way.  You can read about Chaos on Spadow’s Blog by clicking here.

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New GMS World!

25 05 2011

Hey maplers!  Today, Nexon opened up a poll on –guess what?– deciding a name for a new world to be launched during the Chaos update this Summer! There’s a huge list to choose from.

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Chryse in GMS

7 04 2011

As many of you may know, the Floating Island of Chryse came to Global MapleStory a few days ago. I’m here to inform those of you who haven’t heard and those of you who are too lazy to research this information. 😛

Long ago, the isle of Chryse floated peacefully above Orbis. Its mysterious core powered the isle, keeping it afloat and sustaining its inhabitants. Over time however, Chryse drifted away from Orbis, and all contact was lost.

Chryse is not what it was. The once-beautiful island is awash in an atmosphere of darkness and danger. You will find a town in danger of destruction from powerful monsters, but saving the town will only be the beginning of your adventure. Talk to Michaela about the terrifying dangers that now confront the islanders and the powerful monster that must be destroyed.

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GMS Chaos Patch Name Poll

23 03 2011

Nexon has published a new post similar to that for the Big Bang Update.  Between March 18th and 20th, maplers will be allowed to submit the name they think that GMS’s Chaos Patch should be called.

Names have been submitted and the top five submissions are open for voting between the 21st and the 25th.  The choices are: “Insurrection”, “Mayhem”, “Betrayal”, “Corruption”, and of course, “Chaos.”

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Japan Diaster – How you can help

16 03 2011

I’m sure that many of you maplers have seen or heard about the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan the previous week and has caused distress throughout that country.  Nexon just announced that they will be donating 1.2 million dollars (around 100 million yen) to Japan.

There are many ways you can help contribute to Japan.  You can donate any amount of money to any of the following charities by clicking the names:

Nexon also allows us to contribute, within our gaming purchases.  Any nexon game card purchases between the 14th and 20th of March will be donated (100%) to Japan.

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Sweetheart 365 Day Sale

10 02 2011

Hello maplers!  Ever miss those permanent cash shop items that Nexon used to offer for double the original price?  Well you can almost experience that again with the very first Sweethearts sale!  From today (February 9th) until February 15th, you can purchase a 365 day cash shop equips for just a little bit less than double the original price.  This function is limited to six days and to twenty or so cash shop items:

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MapleSquare Banner Winner~!

5 02 2011

Remember that post we had on the new banner a while back?  Well, we’ve received a ton of submissions and a winner has been chosen!  Varul of Bellocan sent in the banner that we liked the most.  The banner was just based around a warrior ultimate he made through the Banned Story program from Maple Simulator.

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