Summer of 2011

28 05 2011

The end of the year is approaching quickly, tailed by more exciting updates.  For GMS, the Chaos Patch is coming. Dualblades, Arans, and Evans are all getting buffed in their own way.  You can read about Chaos on Spadow’s Blog by clicking here.

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More Maple Heroes to Come!

25 09 2010

      Hey maplers!  All of us know the current “official” hero characters of maple, the aran and evan.   There are rumors going around about three other hero characters being planned by Nexon.

      Recently, a Korean Nexon conference was held to discuss the other new hero characters.  They have came up with a few names and the basic structure of these new classes.  They have agreed to create new hero versions of archers, thieves, and pirates.  Here are the names (roughly translated from korean):

Ochan – Thief               Ian – Archer               Utan – Pirate

The following screen shot portion is not confirmed.  It is a picture off of the internet that supposedly shows Ochan in the Kerning City train.  Read the rest of this entry »