Summer of 2011 Updates

31 07 2011

Hey there maplers! I’m back with a few updates to post. Let’s start with the most imporant. As you all may know, a very well known blogger, Spadow, has announced a close to his blogging. I myself am a huge fan of his, and I hope that he’ll be returning one day.  Please visit his blog and read his post by clicking here.

Spadow once posted about three new jobs that may be coming to KMS soon, and his predictions were correct, which brings us to another big update, Maplestory Legend. 

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MapleStory Job Auditions~

5 02 2011

Hello Maplers! A bit after the Resistance class was introduced into MapleStory, Nexon came out with two comedy videos showing Battle Mage and Wild Hunter audition for job spots in MapleStory.

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