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From Nothing to Millions

Hello maplers!  MapleSquare will now be introducing our very first guide.  Ever catch your self browsing through the free market looking at your dream weapon…then noticing you barely have enough for your potions?  This Maple Square guide bring you from barely any mesos at all to millions and even billions.

Starting Off

There are many ways to begin your maple life anew as a merchant:

  1. Kill pigs and collect leathers.  Turn in 15 leathers + 1k mesos and get a work glove.  Work gloves sell for around 350k very easily.  After selling one pair of work gloves, you can begin buying larger amounts of leather for 2k each or continue hunting pigs.
  2. Get to level 36 on a character and do the “Subani’s Legacy” quest in NLC – Bigger Ben.  It is a simple quest to kill a bunch of monsters.  The reward is a “Scroll for Gloves for Attack 60%” (known commonly as GFA’s).  These sell for around 8-9mil and a great amount to invest in merchanting.

From here, merchanting is extremely simple.  It’s just a matter of knowing what to merchant — buying it low and selling it high.

Buying ‘Merchandise’

Patience is the main key in this step to merchanting.  The main thing to remember is to stick to your buying price range and not give in to temptation and take an unreasonable offer.  There are many things to buy and resell, but only a few items are actually worth it.  Keep in mind that items with low price ranges should be bought in large quantities to count.  All of the following ‘merchandise’ is recommended in order.

  1. Monster crystals is my own secret in merchanting that I will share with all of you.  Alot of people stock up qith equips while training and tend to use the maker skill to disassemble them into monster crystals.  For most people however, monster crystals are useless.  Spamming in channel 1 FM and buying ALL monster crystals for 30k each.  All monster crystals have different price ranges.  All basic and intermediate 2’s go for around 75k each.  Intermediate 1’s go for 100k a piece. Intermediate 3’s go for 80k each.  Advanced 1’s go for 45k a piece.  Advanced 2’s go for 300k each.  And finally, Advanced 3 monster crystals go for 150k each.
  2. Scrolls for gloves for attack 60%’s is one of your best bets…if you can get your hands on them  “GFA’s” tend to be difficult to merchant because of its demand.  Merchanting GFA’s are only worth it if you can buy them for around 7mil a piece.  Afterwards, they sell for around 8-8.3mil.
  3. Throwing stars is one of the main things that I merchant.  With patience, steelys can be bought for 500k-600k and sold for 1mil.  Ilbis can be bought for 6-6.5mil each and sold for 7-8mil.  Hwabis can be bought from 5.5-6mil and can be sold from 6-7mil.  I do not recommend merchanting Hwabis because they are exremely difficult to sell.  After making alot of money and having a large investment amount, you can merchant other kinds of stars.  Buy balanced furies anywhere from 70-75mil and resell them from 80-90mil.  Crystal ilbies should be bought around 75-85mil and resold at 95-105mil.
  4. Besides those three main items, you could try merchanting chairs.  You can make a load of profit off of chairs…if you could find buyers, which is really difficult.  I’m not exactly sure on chair prices.  You could buy Hospital Beds, Zakum Chairs, and Balrog Chairs for around 50-60mil and resell them for 65-75mil.  Scary Witch chairs should be bought at 4-5mil and resold at 9-10mil.
  5. If you want to diversify what you merchant, you could try merchanting a variety of high demand scrolls.  With battle mages, mechanics, and wild hunters just coming out, you could resell their corresponding weapon scrolls.  Search through the free market and see what the average price of scrolls are.  Buy at a lower, but worthy, price and resell at a higher one.  Some scrolls to avoid are: HP, DEF, BW scrolls.

After stocking up on ‘merchandise’ you can now begin making the profits.  Some of the items will take longer than others, but with patience, they will be sold!

Selling and Making Profit

This is the step you’ve been waiting for since you first started collecting your WG’s!  There are two ways to begin making your profits and getting rid of the ‘merchandise’.

  1. You could invest a little bit of real money into the game and buy a store permit for 1.8k NX (a dollar and eighty cents).  This store permit requires you to leave your computer on and AFK (away from keyboard).  You could invest 1.7k NX (a dollar and seventy cents) into a 1 day store merchant.  The merchant (sort of like an NPC) will sit there, even if your computer is off!  You could also invest 5.7k NX (five dollars and seventy cents) for a 1 week store merchant.
  2. If you do not want to invest real money into this game, you can simple spam in the free market.  This, of course, will attract a lot of other merchants try to buy your stuff for a cheaper price as you did to others.  It’s completely up to you whether or not you want to sell to them.  Just remember to stay within your selling price range you planned in the beginning.

Enjoying Your Profits

There are a lot of things you can do with that hard earned money.  You could spend it on the weapon you’ve always been dreaming of.  You could continue merchanting and turn those measly millions into billions.  You could even test your luck in scrolling!  The possibilities are endless, just make sure you enjoy~!

Important Tips

  • When finding buyers in the free market entrance, steer clear of merchants that are spamming “B>WS B>Wg’s B>ETC.”  You’ll only get extremely under-priced offers.  Keep your eyes on people spamming singular items, “B>Steelys.”
  • When searching the free market for merchandise to buy, avoid entering and wasting time at the bottom row of free markets (1-6) as they tend to be overpriced.
  • If you are searching for a spot to set up your store, look for door spots in any of the rows (horizontal) but only in the first three columns (vertical).
  • If you have a store merchant, you should know that the store will close itself every 24 hours.  Before the store merchant permit expires, close your store and reset  it up.  You will have another 24 hours of goods selling.  Just remember that since the permit will be gone, you won’t be able to open the store back up with this trick if you close it.  This means that 1 day store merchants could be extended to 2 days and 1 week’s could be extended to 1 week and one day.
  • When you have your store open, make sure you look through the surrounding stores.  The stores may have a lower price to offer than you.  Lower the price just below their’s, but not to the point where you barely make any profit.


So there’s the Maple Square simple and easy merchanting guide.  Remember to stay on the golden rule of merchanting: always buy as low as possible and sell at the highest reasonable price.  I hope you enjoy and find this guide useful in turning nothing into millions.

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Written by: Xammy Nguyenla

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7 10 2011
Moac (@Moac)

thanks for posting this, very helpful.

great site you got going here.

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