GMS Spring Update!

22 01 2011

I am very, very excited to be writing this post! This might be the juiciest one yet :P. According to the Dev Blog on the MapleStory homepage, Nexon is promising a lot of things that are players will be demanding with absolute perfection. These “promises” include Von Leon (Yes VON o.o), guild revamps, and of course…ULTIMATE ADVENTURERS!

The Dev Blog explains about how Nexon dedicated to a patch a month, but how that isn’t working out. They say that their New Year’s Resolution is to include less patches, but still packing 2011 with the most exciting content yet. When all of this content reached KMS, it was posted by Spadow. Most of the information is still the same through GMS.

Guild Revamp! Yes, guilds are getting revamped. Creating a guild, emblem, and alliance will cost much less. Now, GPQ is not the only source of GP (guild points) for our leading guilds. Guilds will gain points for the leveling of guild members. Unfortunately, guilds will lose GP when a member leaves. GP can buy bonuses for all of the members. All of the following pictures are taken from Spadow’s Blog.

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GMS Big Bang Name Poll

2 10 2010

Earlier in the year, Nexon made an update post about KMS’s “Big Bang Update.”  They created a contest where people would send in what they would think, GMS’s “Big Bang Update” should be called.

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More Maple Heroes to Come!

25 09 2010

      Hey maplers!  All of us know the current “official” hero characters of maple, the aran and evan.   There are rumors going around about three other hero characters being planned by Nexon.

      Recently, a Korean Nexon conference was held to discuss the other new hero characters.  They have came up with a few names and the basic structure of these new classes.  They have agreed to create new hero versions of archers, thieves, and pirates.  Here are the names (roughly translated from korean):

Ochan – Thief               Ian – Archer               Utan – Pirate

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