MapleStory Aftershock Tomorrow Night!

9 03 2011

Ah!  The moment you all have been waiting for….MapleStory AfterShock!  Tomorrow night, Nexon will be shutting down MapleStory for a night of updating.  This update came way sooner than I expected…so I’ll have to work a little harder and get my blaze wizard up.

The wait is finally over and those being tortured by slow training can now head over to Von Leon!  Nexon is also opening the Evolving Ring Event 2!  Those of you that missed out on level 17 rings have another chance~!

And last but not least, 2x exp cards are being reintroduced!  The Sapphire and Ruby EXP cards will allow you an hour of 2x exp, but they become invalid once you gain 150%/130% within that hour.

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Sweetheart 365 Day Sale

10 02 2011

Hello maplers!  Ever miss those permanent cash shop items that Nexon used to offer for double the original price?  Well you can almost experience that again with the very first Sweethearts sale!  From today (February 9th) until February 15th, you can purchase a 365 day cash shop equips for just a little bit less than double the original price.  This function is limited to six days and to twenty or so cash shop items:

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MapleSquare Banner Winner~!

5 02 2011

Remember that post we had on the new banner a while back?  Well, we’ve received a ton of submissions and a winner has been chosen!  Varul of Bellocan sent in the banner that we liked the most.  The banner was just based around a warrior ultimate he made through the Banned Story program from Maple Simulator.

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GMS Spring Update!

22 01 2011

I am very, very excited to be writing this post! This might be the juiciest one yet :P. According to the Dev Blog on the MapleStory homepage, Nexon is promising a lot of things that are players will be demanding with absolute perfection. These “promises” include Von Leon (Yes VON o.o), guild revamps, and of course…ULTIMATE ADVENTURERS!

The Dev Blog explains about how Nexon dedicated to a patch a month, but how that isn’t working out. They say that their New Year’s Resolution is to include less patches, but still packing 2011 with the most exciting content yet. When all of this content reached KMS, it was posted by Spadow. Most of the information is still the same through GMS.

Guild Revamp! Yes, guilds are getting revamped. Creating a guild, emblem, and alliance will cost much less. Now, GPQ is not the only source of GP (guild points) for our leading guilds. Guilds will gain points for the leveling of guild members. Unfortunately, guilds will lose GP when a member leaves. GP can buy bonuses for all of the members. All of the following pictures are taken from Spadow’s Blog.

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Hot Time 3!

21 01 2011

Yes! The third hot time event is coming out along with another chance at more rare items! On Saturday (January 22), all players logged on from 2:00-2:01 PST will receive a gift box. These gift boxes contain an Ultimate SP Reset Scroll (resets ALL of your SP points except for beginner skills), an Unidentified Love Letter (which gives you a random amount of fame), and a random item!

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MapleStory Black Friday!

10 11 2010

Nexon has presented us with an opportunity to build our own Black Friday sale in Maplestory.  According to a post, they are monitoring daily sales in the cash shop to see which items should be put on sale.

There are five milestones in the cash shop.  The meter raises as cash shop items are bought.  After each milestone, the discounts on Black Friday will be higher and will include a larger variety.  The goal meter can be find the right side of the homepage of MapleStory.

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MapleStory in 3D? PaperWorld Contest!

11 10 2010

Ever wondered what Maplestory would be like in 3D?  This is your chance to see it..kinda.  Nexon is now hosting a contest to test your creative abilities.  This event/contest is called PaperWorld (ironically).  The rules are simple: head over to “Paper Craft Museum” print out the paper models, fold them up, put them in a scene, take a picture, upload to Nexon, and hope they choose you.

There are going to be three winners out of everybody that enter.  The grand prize-winner will receive an 8GB iPod Touch and 30,000 maple points.  The two first prize-winners will receieve a $25 J!nx T-shirt Code and 30,000 maple points.


Wooh! Creativity Power 😀

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