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21 05 2011

Hi maplers!  This last bit of the year has been quite busy, hence the reason why posts haven’t be going on for the past few months.  It’s still pretty busy, which is why this won’t be a ‘real’ post.

Many of you probably heard of the Jump! Update going on in KMS.  All three segments of the update are basically complete.  If you would like to read posts on what these updates include, please click below:

S1: Warrior Reconstruction (Counterattack of the Blade)

S2: Magician Reconstruction (Spell of Awakening)

S3: Archer Reconstruction (Arrow of Speed)

While KMS is receiving the Jump! Update, GMS’s Chaos Patch will be coming within June. (less than a month away!

With so many exciting things coming out, Maple Square is going through updates itself.  We’re in middle of processing a forum.  Several other updates will be made as well.

That concludes today’s short piece of maple read.  Have a good one!

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3 responses

22 05 2011

Ah thanks for the info. Will these patches take up the whole summer in GMS to complete?

22 05 2011

Well, in KMS, the three segments of the Chaos patch was done over a course of two months, so I’m guessing it will be the same in GMS.

24 05 2011

Oh, thanks man! Definitely looking forward to this. 😀

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