Chryse in GMS

7 04 2011

As many of you may know, the Floating Island of Chryse came to Global MapleStory a few days ago. I’m here to inform those of you who haven’t heard and those of you who are too lazy to research this information. 😛

Long ago, the isle of Chryse floated peacefully above Orbis. Its mysterious core powered the isle, keeping it afloat and sustaining its inhabitants. Over time however, Chryse drifted away from Orbis, and all contact was lost.

Chryse is not what it was. The once-beautiful island is awash in an atmosphere of darkness and danger. You will find a town in danger of destruction from powerful monsters, but saving the town will only be the beginning of your adventure. Talk to Michaela about the terrifying dangers that now confront the islanders and the powerful monster that must be destroyed.

If your character is between levels 55 and 70, go to Orbis Park and speak with Ericsson in order to accept the mission to re-establish contact with the giants.  You must restore the giants to power and return peace to Chryse. You will need to defeat many monsters, gain the trust of the townspeople, recover weaponry to outfit the town, ward off the monster army that threatens everything, and finally confront the deadly power behind this threat.

  • Accept “The Floating Island of Chryse” to be sent to the isle for the first time. Once you’ve visited Chryse once, you may return at any time by speaking to Ericsson, up through level 75.
  • The Chryse quests can be accepted by characters levels 55 through 70.
  • The final boss, Xerxes, can be fought after completing certain quests.
  • To fight Xerxes, you must assemble a party of 2-4 players, all between levels 55 and 75, with all players having completed and accepted certain Chryse quests.
  • Upon being defeated, Xerxes drops five weapon boxes, one for each job category.

Once one weapon box is picked up, all the others will dissappear.  Each box will contain usable items or Xerxes version of level 70 weapons, which will be more powerful.  These weapons are untradeable unless Scissors of Karma are used on them.

  •      Completing the quest “For the Elder” will earn you the Chryse Savior medal:
    • STR/DEX/INT/LUK +2
    • HP/MP +200

So what are you waiting for?  Head out and begin your journey on the Floating Island of Chryse.

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