GMS Spring Update!

22 01 2011

I am very, very excited to be writing this post! This might be the juiciest one yet :P. According to the Dev Blog on the MapleStory homepage, Nexon is promising a lot of things that are players will be demanding with absolute perfection. These “promises” include Von Leon (Yes VON o.o), guild revamps, and of course…ULTIMATE ADVENTURERS!

The Dev Blog explains about how Nexon dedicated to a patch a month, but how that isn’t working out. They say that their New Year’s Resolution is to include less patches, but still packing 2011 with the most exciting content yet. When all of this content reached KMS, it was posted by Spadow. Most of the information is still the same through GMS.

Guild Revamp! Yes, guilds are getting revamped. Creating a guild, emblem, and alliance will cost much less. Now, GPQ is not the only source of GP (guild points) for our leading guilds. Guilds will gain points for the leveling of guild members. Unfortunately, guilds will lose GP when a member leaves. GP can buy bonuses for all of the members. All of the following pictures are taken from Spadow’s Blog.

You can find more information on this new guild system on Spadow’s Blog. Go there by clicking here.

In KMS, this new storyline is known as the LionHeart Castle. In GMS, it will be the Lion King’s Castle. The Von Leon (yes again its VON LEON) is open to all players level 120 and up. By defeating Von Leon, you’ll be able to gain medals and trade them in for various items. The Dev Blog also describes a new type of raid (expedition) available to those level 70 and up, which does not require a party to enter. The following pictures are, again, from Spadow’s Blog.

The Lion King’s Castle also includes new monsters, which are what many level 140+ players are waiting for. You can find more information on these monsters and more about the Lion King’s Castle (Lionheart Castle) by clicking here. Go top section will include Lionheart Castle information.

Now let’s talk about the most exciting part of this update, to me. Ultimate Adventurers! As in KMS, after reaching level 120 on a Cygnus Knight character, you will be given an option to create an adventurer class character. This character will start off at level 50. Depending on the class of the adventurer (mage, bowman, etc), you will be given a Cygnus Knight skills that corresponds (matches). This character will be given this skill + a lot more features than a standard adventurer character.

Features like new skills will be introduced along with the Ultimate Adventurers. You can read more about Ultimate Adventurers from us, by clicking here. You could also get more information at the bottom of the following link by clicking here.

The last thing that was posted on the Dev Blog was the MapleStory 6th Anniversary event. The Dev Blog says that Nexon has something very special planned for this years anniversary, however, they cannot say because it’ll be a surprise. I’m guessing something like level 97 maple weapons.

Well, it seems like that concludes today’s very juicy post on the Spring Update of 2011. I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed writing (or typing).

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4 responses

22 01 2011

Nice now its gonna be easy to level after 140, yayayayayay!!!!

1 02 2011

so wait UA dont come until March?

2 02 2011

UA’s will come out somewhere around there.

4 02 2011

Because maps in Lionheart motivates you to use the party system…With 6 members in a party everyone will get 250 extra bonus EXP!! The map at Beowulf is not small and the spawn is pretty OK..This is really good but I think they will nerf the party bonus EXP..Van Leon.

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