The Ultimate Adventurer and Empress’ Strengthening

25 09 2010

Hey guys!  The ultimate adventurer?  The ultimate adventurer is a new subclass coming out in Korean Maplestory.  The prerequisites to make an ultimate adventurer is a level 120 cygnus knight character along with a captain knight medal.  The ultimate adventurer character will start off as a level 50.    Your character will get a few skills that distinguish it between a regular adventurer character.  Upon creation, you’ll get a unique medal along with a one of a kind set of items.

Now, off to the second section of this post, the Empress enhancements!  I find these way more exciting than the ultimate adventurer class.  These are available only to level 70 and above adventurer type characters.  I am not sure whether or not these are limited to regular adventurers only.

Upon reaching level 70, you’ll receive a job quest from your respective job instructor and or a corresponding Cygnus Knight job instructor.    You’ll be asked to complete a few quests and at the end, you will receive a Cygnus Knight skill corresponding to your class.

If you are a thief based character,  you’ll receive the “Vampire” skill.  If you are a magician, a “Flame Gears” skill.  For a warrior character, “Soul Driver”.  Bowman, “Wind Piercing”.  And “Shark Wave” for pirate characters.  I believe that every Cygnus Knight skill above is a 3rd job skill except for Vampire, which is obtained in 2nd job for a Cygnus Knight.

Please feel free to leave any constructive criticism/suggestions/comment.  Please correct me, if any information above is falsely stated.

-Thanks,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Xammy Nguyenla



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4 08 2011
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